The top quality concrete-like tiles.


The top quality concrete-like tiles.

Are you looking for The top quality concrete-like tiles to redecorate your living room?

Material price:
9325 zł

Product price:
3789 zł

The Montego series/brand is a perfect match for you! A wide range of colours, select looks, and matt texture. Check out our gallery/ inspiration, do not hesitate!

Montego collection includes big, square tiles. They are made for places of heavy traffic , thanks to their high wear-resistance that is why , Montego collection is often used in the restaurants or in the shopping centres.

The will perfectly match with spacious rooms, giving them a fantastically modern look. Additionally, owing to the fact that the Montego Collection consists of different coloristic variants, those tiles will be suitable for every room.

Montego - Tanigres - Inspiracja montego - tanigres - isnpiracja montego-grafit-inspiracja
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